Where will you find us?

Within the Center for Circulatory Health we find it very important to provide information on (the prevention of) cardiovascular disease to as many people as possible. Another important issue for us is to stimulate the interests of talented (bio)medical investigators for cardiovascular research and education as early as possible in their career.

Information for a wide audience

Every year the UMC Utrecht organizes freely accessible lectures on diverse medical topics for a wide audience. Our investigators also contribute to this lecture series. Topics that have been lectured on include high blood pressure (see weblecture of September 22, 2015), cardiovascular risk factors, pregnancy & kidney disease, female-specific differences in cardiovascular disease, and aneurysms (see weblecture of Octobre 3, 2018). Visit the UMC Utrecht website for the upcoming public lectures (http://www.umcutrecht.nl/nl/Subsites/Publiekslezingen/Home) !

In addition, the website of our Center for Circulatory Health contains a lot of useful information on the background and treatment of numerous cardiovascular diseases.


To visualize all cardiovascular education in the three (bio)medical educational programmes (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and SUMMA) of Utrecht University we have developed an information brochure (pdf) particularly for students following these directions. In this brochure we provide information on how to ontain a scientific or medical internship or career within our Center for Circulatory Health. To further inform master students on the internship possibilities within our Center for Circulatory Health our internship mentors are present at the yearly internship market. In our monthly Jongbloed seminar series for master and PhD students active in the cardiovascular field, both national and international experts present and discuss particular aspects of their cardiovascular research.

The development and progress of talented students/medical doctors/investigators during their projects is being monitored and eventually may lead to a career within our Center for Circulatory Health. Also after finalizing their PhD education the most talented cardiovascular investigators are being stimulated and assisted in their career via the Jacob Jongbloed Talent Society. Selected researchers within this Society are being mentored by programme leaders in initiating and expediting their own research mission and in acquiring the financial resources to do so.