Within the UMC Utrecht Center for Circulatory Health cardiovascular patient care, research and education are integrated. Cardiovascular research is performed from different research perspectives (view ‘Center for Circulatory Health: research‘) using the most sophisticated techniques. Research is performed on all levels, from molecular/cellular studies, experimental animal models to patient populations. This broad and diverse approach offers a lot of internship and thesis opportunities for talented (bio)medical students. Are you e.g. interested in the early detection of cardiovascular disease?  Then join us in the discovery of new biomarkers or the development of new imaging techniques. Or do you want to know why heart patients regularly develop arrhythmias? Help us then deciphering the mechanisms.

For more information on internships on specific topics the links below can be followed:

For information on other internship and/or theses opportunities within the Center for Circulatory Health and the email addresses of our student mentors, please contact our programme office via the email address