In the bachelor study Medicine the courses ‘Circulation I, II en III’ in years 1 and 2 together form the theme Circulation. After following these courses you will already know a lot on the anatomy and functioning of heart and vessels and on the most common cardiovascular diseases (i.e. atherosclerosis, myocardial and cerebral infarction, heart failure, arrhythmias).

In the third year of the bachelor you can learn more on cardiovascular diseases in a patient-oriented manner in the preparative ‘Course green’ and medical internship ‘LINK green’. Did these courses raise your interest and would you like to enlarge your knowledge by studying recent developments in cardiovascular research? Then we recommend you to follow in the elective period of bachelor year 2 the courses ‘Cardiovascular disease: from cause to treatment’, ‘The role of vessel wall and bloodstream’, ‘Stem cells & regenerative medicine’ or ‘Stroke’. During these courses recent developments in the field of cardiovascular diseases are being discussed, such as microRNAs, biomarkers, imaging techniques, genetic screening and the use of stem cells for regenerative purposes.

In the first two years of the master there are elective opportunities (12 weeks total) for further deepening your knowledge on a particular topic. Moreover, the third year of the master provides you with the opportunity to follow on an elective basis medical and research internships. Within the Center for Circulatory Health such medical and research internship positions are always available for interested and enthusiastic master students.